What are you up to? (B1)

A series of topics to train your discussion skills.

What are you up to? will help you to develop your language on familiar matters like work, school, leisure and many more. You are going to speak about situations you have experienced as well as about events you have attended. What do you hope to achieve or experience in the future? What are your ambitions, where do you want to be in a few years? After regular practice in this course, you are able to explain and give reasons for your opinions and plans.

What are you up to? requires a discussion partner. You will be guided through each topic – in this way you will be able to reflect upon your language progress as well as upon your opinion towards the topic in question.

First step: Choose a discussion partner!

It is best, if you are roughly speaking the same level of English - but aspiring learners can also learn a lot from more proficient speakers of English.

  • „Are you up for a discussion?“
  • „Ready to discuss?“
  • „What if we work together?“

Second step: Choose a topic!

Find a topic that is fun to you both, as well as challenging. You are going to learn some new words connected with that topic – so why not choose something that is a bit less ordinary?

Decide on one of the topics together with your discussion partner with the help of the „word support“ below. Clicking on one of these topics will bring you right to our „Agree to differ?“ course, where you will be guided through all the necessary steps.

Discussion topics

  • „What about this topic right here?“
  • „What do you think about that topic?“
  • „I don’t know to be honest…“
  • „I don’t really feel like speaking about that one.“
  • „It’s not really my pair of shoes.“
  • „This one right here is great.“
  • „That’s a great idea.“
  • „Yeah, let’s do it.“
Hard work vs. talent
Which of the two is more important?
Discuss that topic!
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