What is your ultimate goal in life?

Some people like to dream big and want to live to do great things, others want to lead a more simple life and are content with less action. How do you see yourself - and your life in general? What are you planning to do, and how do you want to achieve it?

Have you ever felt lonely or left out?

Have you ever experienced this? Some very good friends meet – and you are not invited. Or you meet a group of people for the first time – and they only speak among each other, you being the only stranger. Hard to bear, isn't it? Speak about the times in which you felt very lonely or left out. In the end, it might help you: You are not alone with these feelings, after all!

Do you like to keep your room neat and organized, or do you like it to be messy?

"Everybody can handle order, but only a genius can master chaos". This quote is attributed to Albert Einstein - and who else should know better about the distinction between the two? Now, what are you: More of the chaotic sort, or do you like to keep your things neat and tidy? Would you rather like to be one or the other, or are you completely fine the way you are? Discuss - but please keep your discussion in order!

Have you ever wanted to be popular?

Being popular must be incredibly exciting: Many people are looking up to you, admiring you for your qualities, wanting to be like you. But then there are shady sides to it as well: Being far away from your family, having no privacy. What about you: Have you ever imagined being popular - and if so, what for?

Who are your heroes - and which qualities do you admire about them?

Think about your heroes. They might be well-known, popular characters, that you see in history documentaries or action movies. Or maybe your heroes are the silent ones that you come across every day?
Explain why you chose these heroes. Describe their characteristics, and speak about your relationship to them. You might share how they can inspire people, and how they have influenced or currently influence your life, your decisions, your attitude... Maybe they help us to become heroes ourselves?

Where is your favourite place to hang out?

Every one of us has got a favourite place to hang out; either after school, at the weekend, in the holidays... What's yours? Tell your speaking partner what you like best about it, how it fits your personality, what it's like to be there - and if you prefer to be there alone or with someone else. Wish you were there now, don't you? 😉

Which non-German-speaking country would you move to?

Imagine you had to permanently live in a country different from your own one. What would be your country of choice? And why? Discuss with your speaking partner.

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