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Who are your heroes – and which qualities do you admire about them?

Speaking course: What are you up to?

CEFR level: B1

Recommended time: 5 minutes

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Think about your heroes. They might be well-known, popular characters, that you see in history documentaries or action movies. Or maybe your heroes are the silent ones that you come across every day?
Explain why you chose these heroes. Describe their characteristics, and speak about your relationship to them. You might share how they can inspire people, and how they have influenced or currently influence your life, your decisions, your attitude... Maybe they help us to become heroes ourselves?

Useful words:

  1. heroic - adjective of hero; showing extreme courage and being admired by many.
  2. vigorous - very active, determined and / or energetic
  3. impressive - a quality that makes other people admire sb. / sth.
  4. confidence - the feeling or belief that you can have faith in or rely on sb. / sth.
  5. to go through hardships - to find your way through a difficult situation
  6. lionhearted - brave and determined
  7. undaunted - not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment
  8. audacious - willing to take big risks
  9. extraordinary - very remarkable, unusual
  10. to admire sb. / sth. - to regard sb. / sth. with great respect and approval

Useful phrases:

  1. If I had to chose one person as my personal hero, it most certainly would be...
  2. I guess I would pick ... as my personal hero, because...
  3. He / she is the most ... person I know.
  4. His / Her intrinsic values are...
  5. She / He has got incredible qualities such as ... .
  6. I find his / her ideas to be groundbreaking, as they...
  7. Whenever I see / hear / speak to her / him, I ...
  8. I reckon this choice speaks volumes about me. I like to... as well.
  9. He / She has affected me in a way that ...
  10. She / He can help people find a purpose in life through...