What could you imagine as your country of choice?

Imagine you had to permanently live in a country different from your own one. What would be your country of choice? And why? Discuss with your speaking partner.

Useful phrases

Useful vocab

to permanently be in a country that is not yours
to leave your old place of living (e.g. a house, an apartment…)
to make something new or unusual become normal to you / familiar
an acceptable way to behave in a society; often also associated with traditions
a task or project, especially one that is important and/or difficult
to be the thing that makes somebody or something either a success or a failure
to be no longer involved in or connected with something, especially something that used to be important to you
a person who is not a citizen of the country in which they live or work
to start to feel comfortable in a new home, job, etc.
to become a friend of somebody

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