Which non-German-speaking country would you move to?

2-3 participants
10 minutes

What could you imagine as your country of choice?

Imagine you had to permanently live in a country different from your own one. What would be your country of choice? And why? Discuss with your speaking partner.

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Useful phrases

  • Could you imagine living in…?

  • What would be your country of choice?

  • I could never imagine living in <>.

  • It is the … that attracts me most.

  • I would like to experience… .

  • I’ve been to … before and I have got to say that I … .

  • Living in … is something I could really imagine as well / is something I couldn’t possibly imagine.

  • After a while, I would … .

  • I guess my life would change in a way that … .

  • One advantage / disadvantage could be that … .

Useful words

  • to live abroad

    to permanently be in a country that is not yours

  • to move out

    to leave your old place of living (e.g. a house, an apartment…)

  • to get used to

    to make something new or unusual become normal to you / familiar

  • customs

    an acceptable way to behave in a society; often also associated with traditions

  • undertaking

    a task or project, especially one that is important and/or difficult

  • to make or break sth.

    to be the thing that makes somebody or something either a success or a failure

  • to be estranged from sth.

    to be no longer involved in or connected with something, especially something that used to be important to you

  • an alien

    a person who is not a citizen of the country in which they live or work

  • to settle in

    to start to feel comfortable in a new home, job, etc.

  • to make friends with

    to become a friend of somebody

Peer Feedback

Enable / disable Criteria Rating Coefficient
Ability to listen and to respond.
Taking initiative and using different strategies during the conversation.
Range of topics and ideas.
Ability to express thoughts completely in English.
Fluency when speaking English freely.
Authentic, correct English pronunciation.
Usage of correct and varied grammatical structures.