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Where is your favourite place to hang out?

Speaking course: What are you up to?

CEFR level: B1

Recommended time: 5 minutes

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Every one of us has got a favourite place to hang out; either after school, at the weekend, in the holidays... What's yours? Tell your speaking partner what you like best about it, how it fits your personality, what it's like to be there - and if you prefer to be there alone or with someone else. Wish you were there now, don't you? 😉

Useful words:

  1. to unwind / to wind down - to start to relax and to stop worrying about your problems
  2. to be in a relaxed state of mind - to be calm, not anxious, not worried
  3. to give you peace of mind - to give you the state of feeling at ease in your head
  4. to let go of all your worries - to leave all your worries behind
  5. (to get, go, etc.) back to nature - a simple kind of life in the country, away from cities
  6. a favourite spot - synonym to a favourite place
  7. to socialize - the act of meeting other people
  8. bustling - full of busy activity
  9. a frenetic pace - something that moves very fast
  10. boisterous - noisy, energetic, loud

Useful phrases:

  1. Whenever I'm free, I choose to hang out at...
  2. Being at ... really helps me to ... .
  3. I (much) prefer to be at ... .
  4. I would rather be at ... than at... .
  5. With my friends, I mostly / frequently / often go to... .
  6. This is where I'm most comfortable at. / most at ease at. / most ... .
  7. It's a good place to have fun at. / to let go. / to ... .
  8. For socializing I go to...
  9. I just love to go to...
  10. It never fails to inspire / attract / ... me.