What do you see as your "mission"?

Some people like to dream big and want to live to do great things, others want to lead a more simple life and are content with less action. How do you see yourself – and your life in general? What are you planning to do, and how do you want to achieve it?

Useful phrases

Useful vocab

an insignificant or small (but necessary) member of a bigger organization etc.
a good set of attitudes that might bring one further than imagined
to have a sound body
the fact of feeling with other people
when you don’t need to be in fear of not having enough money
the positive feeling that you have when you have achieved something you really wanted
a state of living in a positive atmosphere within your family
somebody who works all the time, often because he or she needs it to feel good
time that is free of any tasks or obligations
the confidence that something is good / right / real

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