Have you ever wanted to be popular?

2-3 participants
10 minutes

Could you imagine living like a celebrity?

Being popular must be incredibly exciting: Many people are looking up to you, admiring you for your qualities, wanting to be like you. But then there are shady sides to it as well: Being far away from your family, having no privacy. What about you: Have you ever imagined being popular – and if so, what for?

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Useful phrases

  • In order to be / become successful, you need to…

  • How can you thrive on the idea of being… ?

  • … needs a lot of dedication.

  • I would love / hate the feeling of being / doing / …

  • You might have to go through many trials and challenges, for example, …

  • The downside of all this success is that…

  • You might set out on a lonely journey, because … .

  • After a while, you might only be surrounded by …

  • Money is not everything, however / on the contrary / nevertheless…

  • The opportunities of life will pass you by if you…

Useful words

  • to be in the spotlight

    to get everybody’s attention

  • to appeal to sb.

    to be attractive to sb.

  • to set a trend

    to do something new that becomes popular then

  • to be in demand

    to be wanted by lots of people

  • to be successful

    to have a lot of fame

  • to gather momentum

    the ability to increase steadily

  • the downside

    the less positive aspect(s) of something

  • the bad side effects of…

    the negative things that come along with…

  • the impacts of success

    the aspects of life that success forces upon you

  • an illusion

    a kind of dream world that is a false belief

Peer Feedback

Enable / disable Criteria Rating Coefficient
Ability to listen and to respond.
Taking initiative and using different strategies during the conversation.
Range of topics and ideas.
Ability to express thoughts completely in English.
Fluency when speaking English freely.
Authentic, correct English pronunciation.
Usage of correct and varied grammatical structures.