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Have you ever wanted to be popular?

Speaking course: What are you up to?

CEFR level: B1

Recommended time: 5 minutes

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Being popular must be incredibly exciting: Many people are looking up to you, admiring you for your qualities, wanting to be like you. But then there are shady sides to it as well: Being far away from your family, having no privacy. What about you: Have you ever imagined being popular - and if so, what for?

Useful words:

  1. to be in the spotlight - to get everybody's attention
  2. to appeal to sb. - to be attractive to sb.
  3. to set a trend - to do something new that becomes popular then
  4. to be in demand - to be wanted by lots of people
  5. to be successful - to have a lot of fame
  6. to gather momentum - the ability to increase steadily
  7. the downside - the less positive aspects of something
  8. the bad side effects of... - the negative things that come along with...
  9. the impacts of success - the things that success forces upon you
  10. an illusion - a kind of dream world that is a false belief

Useful phrases:

  1. In order to be / become successful, you need to...
  2. How can you thrive on the idea of being... ?
  3. ... needs a lot of dedication.
  4. I would love / hate the feeling of being / doing / ...
  5. You might have to go through many trials and challenges, for example, ...
  6. The downside of all this success is that...
  7. You might set out on a lonely journey, because ... .
  8. After a while, you might only be surrounded by ...
  9. Money is not everything, however / on the contrary / nevertheless...
  10. The opportunities of life will pass you by if you...