Have you ever felt lonely or left out?

2-3 participants
10 minutes

Do you know this feeling of isolation?

Have you ever experienced this? Some very good friends meet – and you are not invited. Or you meet a group of people for the first time – and they only speak among each other, you being the only stranger. Hard to bear, isn’t it? Speak about the times in which you felt very lonely or left out. In the end, it might help you: You are not alone with these feelings, after all!

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Useful phrases

  • Have you ever felt lonely? - Yes, I have, to be honest. / No, I haven't. (Or at least I can't remember.)

  • It is hard to bear.

  • Which signals do you send out yourself (then)?

  • What does being ... / ... feel like to you?

  • How / What do you communicate?

  • Have you tried doing / being... | Did you try doing / being... ?

  • What do you think of being more understanding to yourself?

  • Now, what strategies can we develop against this?

  • What can we do to feel better?

  • What is a solution if nothing works?

Useful words

  • a nagging feeling

    a feeling that is continuing for a long time and is difficult to get rid of

  • to be confined to doing sth.

    to be kept inside the limits of a particular activity, subject, area, etc.

  • to accept one's feelings as is

    not to ignore one's current emotions

  • be kind to yourself

    to treat yourself with an understanding attitude

  • to (not) jump to conclusions (too quickly)

    (not) to make up your mind (too fast)

  • a reasonable explanation

    a fact that is free of overly biased emotions

  • to be overly shy

    to be excessively nervous or embarrassed about meeting other people

  • to have a short temper

    to become angry very easily

  • to be supportive (to others / yourself)

    to encourage somebody / yourself, to give them / yourself help or sympathy

  • to remind yourself of sth. / to do sth.

    to help yourself remember to do sth.

Peer Feedback

Enable / disable Criteria Rating Coefficient
Ability to listen and to respond.
Taking initiative and using different strategies during the conversation.
Range of topics and ideas.
Ability to express thoughts completely in English.
Fluency when speaking English freely.
Authentic, correct English pronunciation.
Usage of correct and varied grammatical structures.