Do you know this feeling of isolation?

Have you ever experienced this? Some very good friends meet – and you are not invited. Or you meet a group of people for the first time – and they only speak among each other, you being the only stranger. Hard to bear, isn’t it? Speak about the times in which you felt very lonely or left out. In the end, it might help you: You are not alone with these feelings, after all!

Useful phrases

Useful vocab

a feeling that is continuing for a long time and is difficult to get rid of
to be kept inside the limits of a particular activity, subject, area, etc.
not to ignore one’s current emotions
to treat yourself with an understanding attitude
(not) to make up your mind (too fast)
a fact that is free of overly biased emotions
to be excessively nervous or embarrassed about meeting other people
to become angry very easily
to encourage somebody / yourself, to give them / yourself help or sympathy
to help yourself remember to do sth.

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