Reported Speech

Partner A reads the first sentence in direct speech. Then, partner B tries to find the correct sentence in indirect speech. Click on the sentence to see if your solution is correct.

Afterwards, partner B reads and partner A tries to find the correct solution. Go on like this with the rest of the sentences.

“I am going to the store now,” he said.
“Will you help me with my homework?” she asked me.
“I can finish this project by tomorrow,” Jane claimed.
“I didn’t see the sign,” the driver admitted.
“Are you going to Sam’s party?” he asked her.
“I don’t feel well,” she said.
“Please don’t make any noise,” the librarian requested.
“Why did you come home late?” the mother questioned.
“I won’t be able to come tomorrow,” he informed me.
“We were waiting for the bus when you called,” they explained.
“I must leave early today,” she informed her colleagues.

Speaking Card Sets

B1 Level (GER: Form 10)