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Write your news story!

herr-stritt 23. September 2023

Your turn: Write your own article!

How exciting: After everything we’ve learnt, we are now going to start with our own newspaper articles. Take your PDF structure with all your ideas about the content, reflect on all the things you’ve learnt – and then let’s go!

Before you start writing, however, a few words about the layout of a newspaper article. One first important rule is:

Use columns !

When you study any kind of newspaper, you will observe that nearly all articles are divided in about three columns. So whatever device you use: Find out how to use columns and divide up your article into three of them.


If you use an iPad, find guidelines on how to use columns…

The second important rule is the whole page layout. Here you have two alternatives: 

  1. You can include the title into your text (for smaller articles), 
  2. you can center the title over your article and write down a secondary headline below that (for longer articles). 

Your photos can be larger than one column, but not a lot larger.

If you use an iPad

  1. add a title by clicking on the “Plus” sign and choosing “Text”,
  2. add a photo by clicking on the “Plus” sign and choosing “Photo”,
  3. one after the other, select the text and the photo and deselect “Move with Text” (German: “Mit Text bewegen”). Now you can position both your title and your photo wherever you want them.
  4. Don’t forget to give your photo a title.

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