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Planning your own future

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What will you be doing, what will you have done?

herr-stritt 23. September 2023

Take a look again at the future perfect and the future progressive in these following examples:

The Future Progressive

I’ll be working for a software company by the age of 30.

The Future Perfect

I will have completed my Master’s degree by 2030.

You can see that the future progressive is excellent for describing future dynamic processes, whereas the future perfect is great for describing milestones. This is why they are very useful for the following task, which is…

Quest task: Create a teaser video of your future!

Use a video creation program. Produce a video – similar to an advertisement – of no more than two minutes, in which you include…

  • pictures
  • moving images and text
  • voiceovers
  • the future progressive as well as the future perfect

to create your very own “teaser” video about your future.

That’s it – the rest is up to you! Have fun!

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B1 Level (GER: Form 10)