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To be Hmong American

herr-stritt 2. Juli 2023
Black Hmong in Sa Pa, North Vietnam

“The older generations of the Hmong people often say that the younger ones are forgetting their culture. They often criticize that we are not preserving it and because of that, we will forget about our culture and background. However, I disagree with this and I believe we, the younger generation of Hmong, are still doing our part in preserving our culture. We are just doing it differently.”

— Kao Lee, Source: kawm-tolearn.tumblr.com

Can you understand the perspective of this Hmong blogger? Discuss with your learning partner whether you can understand his position or not.

Discussion help

  • I agree / disagree with this blogger because…
  • His position is understandable / not understandable because / as…
  • Forgetting about their culture and background would mean that…
  • Preserving their culture in practise could mean that…
  • In theory… However…
  • “Doing it differently” could stand for…

Word help

  • identity – the characteristics, feelings or beliefs that make people different from others
  • to preserve – to keep a particular quality, feature, etc.; to make sure that something is kept
  • second / third generation immigrants – person who was born in and is residing in a country that at least one of their parents / grandparents previously entered as a migrant
  • to integrate – to become or make somebody become accepted as a member of a social group, especially when they come from a different culture
  • cultural background – the circumstances or past events that help explain why somebody became that person
  • assimilation – the process of becoming, or allowing somebody to become, a part of a country or community rather than remaining a separate group

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