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The Preparation Phase

herr-stritt 28. August 2020

To prepare your discussion well, here are four steps that are essential to prepare your discussion.

Step 1: Choose your topic.

choice, select, decide

Together with your discussion partner, go through the list of topics, i.e. in our memorizia course “Agree to differ?”. Read the topic introduction if one of these suggestions strikes your eye. Agree on one topic so that you are ready to enter step 2.

Step 2: Prepare the content of your discussion.

network, control, computer science

As a first step when preparing your discussion, reflect upon the topic or question given. What do you know already about this topic? What is your initial opinion on this topic, and why is it that made you decide on that position? Did you hear any news or reports on related issues during the last weeks, or have you made any experience so far concerning this question?

Step 3: Expand your vocabulary proactively.

dictionary, reference book, learning

Every topic gives you the chance to discover and explore a new realm of vocabulary. Now it is time to proactively research some of these new words. Which words can be useful to discuss the topic? Which ideas have emerged in Step 1 that you cannot express in English just yet? It may help you to draw a mind map or to create a word cloud with vocabulary that you might want to use in the discussion.

Step 4: Structure your arguments.

stickies, note, pocket

In this third step, it might help you to reconsider this list of discussion phrases. Try to figure out which of these sentences can prop up your arguments from Step 2, give your ideas a structure and prepare your initial statement just in case you open up the discussion.


Congratulation! You have already expanded your vocabulary as well as made up your mind on a particular topic. Let’s move on and learn how to debate our topic!

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