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The exposition of Gran Torino

herr-stritt 1. Juli 2023
Film terminology

The exposition

The exposition of a film or drama is the opening sequence. It contains a lot of information. We are introduced to the setting, main characters and their relationships, to previous events that determine the plot of the film – and sometimes even the central conflict that encompasses the film.

Gran Torino starts with the funeral of protagonist Walt Kowalski’s wife Dorothy. Why might a director choose to open a film in this way? Which opportunities does a funeral provide for the exposition of a film? Discuss with your learning partner.

Discussion help

  • A funeral might provide the opportunity to…
  • The director might choose to open his film like this in order to…
  • The exposition is enriched through…
  • The viewer gets the chance to…

Word help

  • funeral – a ceremony, often a religious one, for burying or cremating (= burning) a dead person
  • eulogy (for / to sb.) – a speech given at a funeral praising the person who has died
  • funeral feast – a large or special meal after a funeral
  • obituary – an article about somebody’s life and achievements, that is printed in a newspaper soon after they have died

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