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Self-study: How do we write our newspaper article?

herr-stritt 9. Dezember 2023

How to write your newspaper article: Style and Form

Do you remember our two headlines from the very beginning of this course?

Pigs die as houses blown down

Woman finds a hat in a tree

Study their writing style

Let us take a look now at the two corresponding articles and study the writing style of each of them. You can click on the arrow to show and hide each of the articles.

Please study…

  • …the first sentence of each article. What information does it contain?
  • …the information given in the article.
  • …the register of the article, that means, if it is a formal, neutral or informal writing style.
  • …other typical elements of the article.

Write down some keywords before advancing to the following page.

Why thinking matters

A quick note: You might have already found out that you could just advance to the solutions by going to the next step in this lesson. But that is not the aim. If we don't practise reading and closely studying texts, we will find it harder to really understand them. This is why you should follow the exercises and develop the relevant connections in your brain. You will thank yourself later for doing so! 💪🏻🙂 👍🏻

Hundreds of pigs died when a strong wind blew all their houses down at Dongxiang country, in south China’s Jiangxi province. Pig-farming has exploded over the last 10 years. Authorities blamed the quality of structures that housed the swine and are now planning building inspections.

(Source: pinterest.com)

A HAT has been found up at a tree in Bilton.

The woollen head garment, which is red and has a bobble, was discovered on Tuesday by Bilton Lane resident Sharon Bromance, 43. 

“I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw it up there,” she said. “I got it down with a stick and put it on a fence post.”

The owner now has until April 10 to reclaim the had, after which it will be destroyed.

(Source: pinterest.com)

Speaking Card Sets

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