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Protest songs

herr-stritt 5. Juli 2023
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Train your internet research skills as well as your ability to develop your vocabulary along some examples of protest songs.


Study the song “Beasts of England” as well as real-life protest songs. Understand what moves people to voice their protest in a song, and what power a song can have.


What is “Beasts of England” all about?

Examine the song “Beasts of England” as poetry. What imagery is present? What is the message? Why do the animals like it so much that they memorize it on the spot? To what emotions and needs does it appeal? Study the song in chapter 1 of “Animal Farm” and write down answers to these questions.

Real-life protest songs

Now, head over to the website of Radio X. Pick one of these protest songs. Find the lyrics online, and write down a short research journal guided by the following questions:

  • When and by whom was this song written and played?
  • What was the motivation behind this song? Are there any real-life events that inspired this song? Which ones were they, and what happened there?
  • What imagery is present in the lyrics? What is the message? Why might this song appeal to listeners, which emotions and needs does it speak to?
  • What can you find out about the impact of this song?

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