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Research quest: Influential people in their historical context

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  1. Your task for week 1: Your draft
    Who should you choose?
  2. How to write your draft
  3. Your task for week 2 and 3: Asking the right questions
    Asking questions about history
  4. Research in categories
  5. Your task for week 4: Paraphrasing and restating a message
    How to paraphrase
  6. How to paraphrase - your research
  7. Your task for week 5: Plagiarism and Quoting
    Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
  8. An explanation on plagiarism
  9. How to quote
  10. How to quote - your research

Please write your draft now. The following form will guide you through the process. Please download the PDF at the end of this task and file it into your folder.

Highly influential people in their historical context – Draft

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