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Final task: Come up with your dialogue!

herr-stritt 9. Dezember 2023

Step 1:

Simply state what happenedobjectively and without judgement!

Step 2:

Express your feelings – say what upsets you!

Step 3:

Express your needs – say what is essential for you!

Step 4:

Make a request – say what you expect from the other person!

You've got all it takes!

Now, you have all the tools and steps together that you need for our final task. Here are again the steps you need to fulfil in order to first write down a complete dialogue. Take a look again at previous steps if you need some help with grammar or vocabulary.

Phase 1:

After they haven’t seen each other in a long while, two people – let’s call them person A and person B – meet randomly. They agree that they absolutely need to do something together. But person B is way too busy.

Use the going-to-future, the present progressive with future meaning and the present simple to make this person look as busy as possible.

Phase 2:

Person A is not happy about that. 

Use the four steps mentioned above to express person A’s anger. 

Phase 3:

Person B shows an understanding attitude. However, person B tells person A his or her point of view, also using the four steps above.

How to proceed then:

You can then repeat phase 2 and 3 as often as you wish.  Try to reach a conclusion at the end. Don’t just let them get away all frustrated!

Record your dialogue

When you’ve finished writing your dialogue, practise reading it as dramatically as possible. Then, use the audio recorder of your smartphone or your tablet to record one version of your dialogue. You might then upload it on your school’s cloud (your teacher will tell you more about it).

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