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Expressing scheduled arrangements

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Expressing Scheduled Arrangements

Present Simple with Future Meaning

When speaking about events that are officially announced and scheduled, like things on a timetable (train times, a conference program, …), the present simple with future meaning can be used:

“Excuse me, when does the train to Oxbridge leave? It leaves at 8:15, doesn’t it?”

“Oh, it has already left I’m afraid.”

Present simple with future meaning: Form and Examples

  • The conference starts at 7:15.
  • When does your plane leave?
  • You’re wrong – my birthday is not on a Wednesday this year.
  • My father does not retire this year as he still likes to work.


Your busy friend has got lots of appointments scheduled for the next weeks and months.

Form at least six sentences using the present simple with future meaning.

If you are insecure about them, double-check them with your teacher (or another person that speaks English well).

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You now have all the grammar ready to come up with a great role play. In this next step, let’s solidify the content and the vocabulary. Let’s go!

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