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Contrasts and similarities in the film’s exposition

herr-stritt 1. Juli 2023
Film terminology

Contrast and similarity

A film often works with contrasts and similarities. Besides many other purposes, they serve to define a character closer, to enhance the central conflict of a film or to create tension. Contrasts and similarities can appear in almost any kind of film element – in its lighting as well as in its plot, main characters and numerous others.

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Use vocabulary to contrast two scenes. Use your language skills to discuss and express how the characters ‘belong’ into their respective surrounding.


Reflect on the individual background of our main characters in the film. Find points that are different – and discover facets that might provide a link between both cultures.

Contrast and similarity in the exposition

Watch the following scenes again closely and describe how the technique of contrast and similarity is used here:

  • 00:07:44 – 00:08:05
  • 00:10:33 – 00:11:20

Afterwards, discuss with a partner what these scenes show about the question of belonging.

Write a short text in which you describe the contrasts and similarities in the two scenes and analyse their impact on the question of belonging.

Word help

while… / whereas … / in contrast to… / contrary to… / unlike… / both… and… share / like… / have in common… / similar… / in the same way… / also, … / thus…

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