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Comprehension: The exposition of Gran Torino

herr-stritt 1. Juli 2023
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Watch an authentic American film. Try to understand as well as possible what is said, and evaluate the content alongside some guiding questions. Activate your vocabulary when discussing possible sources of conflict.


Get to know the central characters of this film. Understand their personality, and find ways to describe this personality in Englisch. Exchange your ideas about possible sources of conflict with a learning partner in a short discussion.


Now, please watch the exposition of Gran Torino (0:00:00 – 00:17:19). Pay special attention to the following questions:

  • What characters are introduced?
  • What are possible sources of conflict?

Also, work together with a learning partner on the following questions. One of you works on task a, the other one on task b.

  • What does Walt Kowalski’s family name suggest about his family’s origin?
  • What do you find out about his family? How is his relationship with them?
  • What is his religion and his attitude towards it?
  • What do you find out about his past?
  • How does he live? What is his neighbourhood like? What does he think about his neighbourhood?
  • How would you describe Walt’s character?
  • What does he value in life?
  • What makes Walt struggle to belong?
  • What is Thao’s family like? What is Thao’s role in the family?
  • What does Thao’s family think of him?
  • How would you describe Thao’s character?
  • What is his relationship with his cousin and his gang? What is his attitude towards them?
  • How does he experience his neighbourhood, especially Walt?
  • What makes Thao struggle to belong?

Inform each other afterwards about your results.

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