Research quest: Influential people in their historical context

herr-stritt · 16. September 2020

Famous people inspire us. Instead of following the standard and being driven by the latest and greatest, they are guided by instinct and value instead.

Yet, their influence on us and the world doesn’t come from nowhere: Their behavior is intentional, their achievements being the result of conscious actions and habits. They focus on their ways to create the outcomes they desire – if their time hasn’t come yet, often for years and years before their intentions gain traction. They are not afraid of taking risks and making decisions, constantly learning and growing with integrity and honesty. They gather people around them that help them reach their goals, thereby adding value and purpose to their life as well. They are the ones seeing possibilities and opportunities where others flounder in fear of the future.

This Quest is based on a blog entry and will guide you through the full process of developing a presentation on a person that inspires you. You are going to…

  • find and evaluate sources on the internet,
  • choose relevant from irrelevant information,
  • learn how to quote in English,
  • develop an exciting presentation for your classmates and
  • hopefully, learn something along the way.

Kurs Content

Your task for week 1: Your draft
Your task for week 2 and 3: Asking the right questions
Your task for week 4: Paraphrasing and restating a message
Your task for week 5: Plagiarism and Quoting

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Kurs Includes

  • 10 Lektionen