Ready for chit-chat? (A2)

herr-stritt · 3. September 2020

Ready for chit-chat? is a great course if you want to learn new words to speak about everyday topics. You will speak about everything that is around you. You might speak about the persons you see everyday – your friends, your family, your coaches or teachers… Or do you feel like speaking about places you have been to, interesting things you have seen or objects that you absolutely need? There are many topics – choose the one you like best at the moment.

Ready for chit-chat? helps you with a clear structure. By following the steps, you practice to speak more and more English. After some time, you will be able to answer questions faster and to form your own sentences easier. You will need a discussion partner – so get together and practice speaking English!

Please read the „Basics“ first before you choose your first topic. If you know the „Basics“ already, you can go straight to a Topic Introduction that seems interesting to you!

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