How to lead a discussion with one or two partners (B2)

A preparation course for our discussion series "Agree to differ? (B2)" as well as other discussions.

herr-stritt · 4. September 2020

Taking part in a discussion as well as asking the right questions are important skills for any profession as well as in your everyday life. While debating a topic with your peers, you will…

  • explore fascinating ideas together.
  • exchange information and learn something about each other.
  • understand the topic or topic area at hand more deeply.
  • make knowledge become more clear and expand on it.
  • improve your ability to think critically.
  • improve your language skills and increase your confidence in speaking English.
  • challenge your own attitudes and notions.
  • help you make important decisions later on in life.

This course prepares you for all the necessary steps to lead a discussion of one of the topics on memorizia.

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