Englisch Klasse 8

New York - concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do...

herr-stritt · 18. März 2020

You’ve already guessed it by looking at the photos above! In this year, the United States are our center of attention. We will speak a lot about people living there: about the USA as a country of contrasts, of the life of teenagers in America, school life in the States. We’ll take a closer look at New York as the famous „City of dreams“ as well as the history of the first Americans. The Pacific Northwest is our final destination: We’ll observe America and its national parks, Native American life and about life in general in the Northwest.

You will expand your grammar and be able to write longer and more complex texts by using gerunds, infinitives, a multitude of relative clauses, participle clauses and more. The texts we read are going to be a bit more challenging and interesting too, ranging from fictional texts to factual texts – and everything in between.

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Kurs Includes

  • 10 Lektionen
  • 5 Tests