Englisch Klasse 7

herr-stritt · 14. März 2020

In form 7 we learn to speak about things that you and other people would do in different situations (conditional clauses type 1 and 2). We learn to agree with each other, to contradict each other and to find a compromise. Passive forms and the present perfect progressive make your written texts much more interesting.

We will get to know Scotland and Great Britain’s history. To speak about these things, you will work on your vocabulary to describe historical objects. When we discuss and write about history, it is helpful to speak about things that happened before another time in the past (past perfect). We imagine what they could have been like (if-clauses type 3). 

Finally we speak about traveling. You will learn to tell people what other people have told before (indirect speech) and you are going to expand your vocabulary on traveling. Some other topics this year are making small talk, writing factual texts and reading fictional texts, and many more!

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