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If you are a student of Mr Stritt's classes, get all information about our lessons here - in English as well as in history!

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memoGuides focus on one single task. They help you with methods and strategies to address the individual steps in your language learning process.


memoQuests are longer projects. They consist of several steps and usually have one final goal – or help you to develop long-term learning strategies.


memoForms help you with all different kinds of tasks by letting you fill in your information and generating a PDF with them. Multiple forms are still to come – just come back from time to time and see if they are helpful to you!


memoScores provide you with grading criteria for a range of different tasks. They also enable you to give yourself and others feedback – and in the long run, to improve yourself by giving you a sense of focus and straightforwardness.

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Speaking Card Sets

B1 Level (GER: Form 10)